Friday, September 10, 2010

The polls are closed...

...and the winner for this week's bake-off is...


Just in time for the end of the summer! Sugar's husband is going to be thrilled.

Thanks so much to everyone that voted! I'm off to figure out the best way to make a graham cracker pie crust. The last time I made one, I had a massive fail. (This is Salt posting BTW.)

Stay tuned for our creations on Monday!


Anonymous said...

Best graham cracker crust? Buy one.

Or just smash the bejesus out of some graham crackers, mix with some melted butter and cook for 8-10 min at 350ish. It's not really an exact science :) Just don't burn it!

Salt said...

But I CAN'T just buy one! Hahaha. I have to make it from scratch or else it doesn't count!

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