Friday, July 16, 2010

Welcome to the Throwdown!

Hello blogland! We are Sugar and Salt and we would like to welcome you to the THROWDOWN!

Basically, we are a couple of real life (as in non-internet) friends that love to bake and this project has been a long time in the making. We wanted to create a joint venture where we could experiment with recipes and then post our findings. Then Sugar (aka: the smart one...and she's not even the one writing this so you know it's true) had the brilliant idea to turn this blog into a baking throwdown.

So how is this a "throwdown"? So glad that all none of you asked.

Every week we will choose something to make. It might be a cookie. It might be a cake. It might be muffins. You get the idea. Then we will each locate a recipe for this Food-of-the-Week and cook them up in our respective kitchens. These recipes must be FROM SCRATCH. No cheating and trying to pass off something out of a Betty Crocker box as our own.

The results might be delicious. They also might be terrible. That's for our taste testers to decide. Every Monday, we will bring our completed creations in to our office...

Oh did I mention we work together? Yeah, not important.

...and they will be set out in the kitchen for people to try. They won't be labeled and these taste testers won't know which dish belongs to who, which works out well in case one of them is feeling particularly spiteful towards one of us that day. Then they will vote based on this nifty little rating system that we came up with:

I give you...THE YUMS:

5 Yums basically means that whoever created the dish must have cast serious magical baking voodoo on it. It would make angels sing and bring peace to the Earth. Unicorns frolicking on a rainbow. That sort of thing.

4 Yums is like a A-/B+. Still very delicious, but maybe lacking a little bit of that magic something.

3 Yums is above average. The tasters have had better, but they have also had much, much worse.

2 Yums is...meh. It's not like anyone will spit it out into a napkin, but it definitely isn't setting the world on fire.

1 Yum? Yeah. Not good. One bite was more than enough.

And then we have 0 Yums, which is basically WTF were you thinking? Were you drunk when you made this? Massive baking FAIL.

Every Wednesday we will post up the results of the tasters' testing using the Yum system. Winner gets bragging rights. Also we will post up what the food for the following week will be! While this will also be a lot of fun for us, we hope that the people reading this blog might be able to use some of these recipes for their own friends and families. The good ones of course. Neither of us recommend recreating anything that gets 0 Yums.

Now because it is our very first challenge this week, we decided to stick with something easy. So stay tuned for this Monday when we bring you...


Thank you so much for stopping by today! We hope you stick around...we can't wait to get started!


Trixie and Tess said...

Fun idea for a blog!! Can't wait to see your recipes and reviews!


Anonymous said...

Chocolate chip cookies? YUM! Cant wait to see how you guys do!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh I'm excited!! I love the "yum" faces

Morgan said...

LOL, love the description of your 0 yums! I know from experience that drinking while cooking isn't usually a good idea, although I must admit that I have high hopes for our slow cooker dinner tonight that I prepped last night while drinking wine. But hey, if a recipe calls for wine, you're basically required to drink some yourself, right?

Anonymous said...

Yay!! I can't wait to see this! I'm making homemade chocolate chip cookies tonight too! (with Ghiradelli chocolate of course!)

The Only Girl said...

Sounds fun! Kinda like a game show of sorts.

Anonymous said...

CCCs = the Spokescookie of comfort food! Who doesn't love them?
Throwdown and awesome!
Just for the record, if you ever need any third party, neutral taste know you can count on me. :)

cornflakegirl74 said...

I love this idea! May the best cookie win :)

Anastasia said...

This sounds awesome. I want some chocolate chip cookies damn it.

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