Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Oatmeal Raisin Results!

The results are in!!

3.1 YUMS!

3.9 YUMS!

SALT wins again, but there was a somewhat interesting twist to all of this.

As we mentioned in the recipe posts, Sugar is out of town this week. She left her cookies (which she claimed were not very good) in my office, sealed in a Tupperware container. I don't know what kind of magical Tupperware voodoo occurred, but her cookies were actually much better 2 days later than they were when we first sampled them on Friday. (I know because I taste tested them myself.)

So while I feel that we shouldn't completely forgive Martha Stewart for what she put Sugar through, it's nice that her cookies went over better than expected with the taste testers.

What we are making for Monday is going to be a surprise. Just as much for me as it is for you!

Seriously I have no idea what she wants to do...maybe I should send her a Facebook message...

Happy rest-of-the-week to everyone!


Anonymous said...

I love oatmeal cookies, but not with raisins only with chocolate chips! yum! Cant wait to see what you make next!

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